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For this Unplaytested game, Lara and Alex, with guest scholar Ash Cheshire, look into the world of Dire Capybaras, the friend-shaped warriors who traveled the world, fought monsters, and wrote epic poetry. In this Scholarly Translation Simulation, you will translate the epic poems of these adorable capys into English, because we haven't learned our lesson when it comes to writing poetry as a game mechanic. 

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Important Note: As you might expect, this game is presented as-is: it's an unplaytested draft, and we have no idea what it will be like in the long-term. You're into strange territory here, proceed at your own risk!

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The Rusting of the Relihoust

From Diwher's shimmering shores we ventured forth, our hurangs bright
Our stores of sunlight full, our Solar-Beams pierced through the night

The Relihoust, their helmets firmly fixed,
But grieve! An innocent by Hambing's Helm was tricksed

Behold, Purchankruly, blade of furred heroes
Betwixt the strongest teeth, hath felled our foes

Alas the Hambing's arcane specter wrought yon Purchankruly's hilt to rust
Before the eyes of friends and foes alike the hilt was turned to harsh and swirling dust

Hwaet and harken, harriblex and child:
when seeking foes without, still look within to what seems mild